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The following are the articles in Algorithms category.
Motion Detection Algorithm  (35870 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Apr-09-2013
This article explains a simple motion-detection algorithm with full source code in C# and Silverlight. The algorithm is implemented by reading and manipulating the images pixel-by-pixel (no third party libraries are used). This is an ideal example for programmers who begin morphological image processing algorithms.

Image Denoising  (66774 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Jul-05-2010
This article explains image noise and its related concepts. Some noise removal algorithms are explained and illustrated with PGM images with full source code for download.

Expression Evaluation  (69288 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Jul-11-2010
The shunting-yard-algorithm for expression evaluation is explained with a live demo in silverlight. The article includes a tokenizer, validator (both syntax validation and data-type validation) and an evaluator. The user can enter a free-text expression and see how an expression is converted from infix to postfix form and how it is being evaluated step by step.

Finding all Subsets of a Set  (80126 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Jul-18-2010
This article explains how to find all subsets of a given set of items, without using recursion. A set contains 2N subsets, where N is the number or count of items in the set. The subsets are found using binary patterns (decimal to binary) of all the numbers in between 0 and (2N - 1).

Apriori Algorithm  (172473 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Jul-21-2010
This article explain the basics of association rules and how to generate them using Apriori algorithm. A live demo in Silverlight with full source code is included in this article.

K-Means Algorithm  (115291 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Aug-03-2010
K-means algorithm is explained and an implementation is provided in C# and Silverlight. It includes a live demo in Silverlight so that the users can understand the working of k-means algorithm by specifying custom data points.

Dijkstra's Path Finding  (53889 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Aug-29-2010
This article explains Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm and applies the concepts to wireless-network routing along with an implementation in C# and Silverlight. The users can create a random map and choose a source and destination node (by clicking) in the map and see the routing visually in the Silverlight output.

Splitting a List Equally  (17683 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Jul-28-2010
This article explains how to split an arbitrary list of items into equal groups. A generic function is written in C# to illustrate the concept. The function accepts a generic List and required number of groups and returns the groups.

iPhone Expression Calculator  (17396 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Nov-25-2010
Using this expression-calculator in your iPhone, you can do advanced arithmetic calculations in a single step. No need to do multiple steps or memorize the intermediate results, for calculating the result of a single arithmetic expression.

Silverlight Bullets & Indenting  (35099 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Dec-23-2010
This article explains how to implement Bullets & Numbering and Indenting in Silverlight 4 RichTextBox control.

Connected Sets Labeling  (21162 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Sep-22-2012
This article explains a sequential algorithm for finding the connected sets/components in a given matrix. A live Silverlight widget is provided in which the input matrix and regions can be generated dynamically. Full source code is available for download.

Blowfish Algorithm for iPhone  (23131 hits)
Posted by Prabu Arumugam on Mar-23-2013
This article presents the Blowfish algorithm implementation in Objective-C for use in iPhone/iPad projects. The project can be readily opened in Xcode and/or you can include the files in your project.

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