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About YtoX
Posted on Mar-22-2013 (12089 hits)

YtoX lets you control and extend the capabilities of your Ultrabook™ using interesting recipes. You can customize the recipes to do interesting things for you, to make your personal and work life easier.


Whether it is a weekday or weekend, imagine a life with your Ultrabook™ always 'on' your desk or your backpack. YtoX enables your Ultrabook to understand you and assist in your daily tasks.

Whether it is buying grocery for your family while going home or sending a weekly summary report to your manager, you don't want to forget such things to the most important people in your life. YtoX will remind you about such things based on your location and time of the day.

Not only the location and time, YtoX leverages other worldly parameters (like weather, latest news) and technical features of your Ultrabook™ (like GPS, accelerometer) to allow better use of the device.


Some of the interesting recipes of YtoX are:

  1. Remind me to visit the gym, if I haven't been there for 3 days.
  2. Automatically reply I'm in a meeting, will call you back!, when a friend starts a chat during a meeting.
  3. Email me all latest news about Windows Phone and XBOX Live.
  4. Launch Music when I shake the device.
  5. If I have been to work today, remind me to fill the TimeSheet before I leave for the day.
  6. Remind me to keep the umbrella & raincoat in my backpack, if it is going to rain the next day.
  7. Automatically reply Battery low, will call you back!, when someone pings me in Skype when battery is low.
  8. Show all my friends & family, when I rotate the device.
  9. Copy all my new or modified PowerPoint presentations to my Dropbox.

... and more.


YtoX quietly installs and sits in your Ultrabook™ and does all these interesting things without slowing down your computer. In fact, YtoX won't consume too much battery or computation power or internet of your device. It even stops gracefully when battery is critically low, and resumes the operation when power is connected.

With YtoX installed, you will get a feeling of someone intelligent residing inside your PC to make your life easier!

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