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YtoX Recipes
Posted on Mar-22-2013 (3718 hits)


  1. Alert me about the weather if the temperature drops below 20 degree Celcius.
  2. Remind me to keep the umbrella & raincoat in my backpack, if it is going to rain the next day.


  1. When I leave from work, remind me to buy milk.
  2. Remind me to leave the car for service, if I haven't visited the showroom for 3 months.
  3. Remind me to visit the gym if haven't been there for 3 days.
  4. Post the location to Facebook when I'm in my favorite restaurant for more than 20 minutes. *
  5. Notify me if I'm not traveling in one of my usual routes. *
  6. When I enter Newark Airport, message my boss about my arrival via Facebook. *
  7. When I leave Eiffel Tower, upload today's photos from MyPictures folder to my Flickr. *
  8. When I enter Taj Mahal, tweet about my location. *


  1. Email me all latest news about Windows Phone and XBOX Live.
  2. Email me all latest news related to Steve Ballmer and Steven Sinofsky.
  3. Open Google if I draw 'S' gesture on the screen. *


  1. Automatically reply I'm in a meeting, will call you back!, when a friend starts a chat during a meeting.
  2. Automatically reply Battery low, will call you back!, when someone pings me in Skype when battery is low.


  1. Remind me of my next appointment if I use my PC after 10pm.
  2. Mute the volume when a meeting starts, and revert back when the meeting ends.
  3. If I have been to work today, remind me to fill the TimeSheet before I leave for the day.
  4. If I have been to work today, remind me to send weekly summary report to my manager, before the weekend fun begins.
  5. Launch Music when I shake the device.
  6. Show all my friends & family, when I rotate the device.
  7. Copy all my new or modified PowerPoint presentations to my Dropbox.
  8. Start playback when I connect a wired headset. *
  9. Show my horoscope prediction everyday at 10am. *
  10. Adjust the brightness if I'm reading for more than 2 minutes. *

* Marked recipes are not available in YtoX version 1.0 and 1.1

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