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About Racketbot
About Racketbot
Posted on Jun-16-2015, last updated on Jun-17-2015 (6385 hits)

Racketbot is a tennis (or ping pong) playing robot. It is an approximately 1-foot high humanoid robot that can play against another Racketbot or a human opponent. The human opponent can play against the robot using a miniature tennis racket or a mini table tennis paddle. The robot will be equipped with multiple sensors to understand the opponent's movements along with an omnidirectional base for quick and agile movement in the playing field.

The robot is being built with a combination of Intel Edison, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and LEGO Mindstorms.

Currently, this is a work-in-progress and more details will be posted below (probably before Fall 2015). A related work that demonstrates hand-gesture based robotic-arm control and a 3D ping-pong game is posted here:

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